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  • Triplesense Torino

    Triplesense Torino

  • Rick Tibbe - Skrypt

    Rick Tibbe - Skrypt

    21-year old information science student from The Netherlands, who’s also an EDM DJ & producer and founder of Skrypt.nl

  • LaravelFeed


    All about Laravel in the one palce

  • Learning Laravel

    Learning Laravel

  • Laravel News

    Laravel News

    Curated news & information about Laravel, by @ericlbarnes

  • Maximiliano Firtman (firt.dev)

    Maximiliano Firtman (firt.dev)

    mobile+web developer, author, trainer, speaker | Check firt.dev for more articles and learning experiences | PWAs, Web Performance, JavaScript, Mobile Apps

  • Simon Bennett

    Simon Bennett

    Software engineer building modelling complex businesses using event sourcing, CQRS and DDD. Founder of https://snapshooter.io twitter: @mrsimonbennett

  • Yan Cui

    Yan Cui

    AWS Serverless Hero. Independent Consultant https://theburningmonk.com/hire-me. Author of https://productionreadyserverless.com. Speaker. Trainer. Blogger.

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